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The Challenges of Extreme Swimming

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Ultramarathon swimming takes a blend of insanity with intense focus. It is a game where the mind and body try to move in harmony with the unpredictable rhythm of the wilderness. The rewards are as intense as the effort it takes to find them. Since discovering this strange bond I have made with water I have undertaken almost every extreme swimming adventure I could find. I have raced competitively around the world, completed a twenty-mile ocean swim at night, navigated bone crushing river rapids, swum the length of the Salmon River escorted by fingerling salmon, threaded my way through schools of sharks and been tossed over waterfalls.

Corkscrew drill for open water training


Recently, I was asked what's my favorite open water drill during training season.   Without hesitating, I responded the corkscrew drill.  This drill helps to strengthen the core,  improves balance,  builds endurance, and helps fine-tune bilateral breathing.   There are many variations of this drill.  Some coaches recommend going from backstroke to freestyle after every stroke....for me,  it caused severe dizziness so I had to adjust the drill.   So this if my variation,  start off with the freestyle (front crawl).  After taking  three full strokes, while your right hand is near your right hip and your left hand is extended in front of your left shoulder, quickly rotate to your back, using your core strength to turn. 

Defining Open Water Swimming Relays

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The relay genre within the open water swimming world is currently in its heyday with swims – record-setting attempts, charity events and relay races – being held all over the globe.

Boy Dies of Brain-Eating Amoeba in Lake

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Seven-year-old Kyle Lewis died last month after contracting a parasitic amoeba while swimming on a camping trip in Texas, reports KTLA. Doctors said Kyle contracted an infection from Naegleria fowleri, an amoeba that thrives in warm, stagnant water. He died within four days of contracting the rare infection. The boy's father says Kyle was a happy and active child until he fell ill after the fateful camping trip. He wants Kyle's death to be a lesson to other parents.

Straight Line Tangents In The Open Water

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Some people claim and many media reports state certain distances across the English Channel and other marathon swims around the world.

How Open Water Swimming Works

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There were easier ways to get to France. On a Sunday in August 1875, a British naval captain named Matthew Webb covered himself in porpoise oil, strode into the frigid off Dover, England, and started swimming. He faced ice-cold temperatures, swift underwater currents and even the occasional stingray, but 22 hours later, Webb strode ashore in France as the first person to swim the English Channel. Upon his return (by boat), an ecstatic British public showered the 27-year-old with accolades, publicity and even his own brand of matches.

The Open Water Almanac

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Dominican open water swimmer trains for toughest feat yet


Santo Domingo.- 50,000 pounds of ice dumped in the Olympic Center swimming pool lowered the water temperature to two degrees Celsius, for the ultra distance swimmer Marcos Diaz to train under conditions similar to those he’ll soon face when he attempts to cross the Bering Straits between Russia and Alaska.

VIDEO: Open Water Swim Tactics by Steve Munatones

VIDEO: Open Water Swim Tactics
Learn what the world's best open water swimmers look for, think about and do during a world-class open water swim and it's implications for triathletes looking to improve the swim leg of their race.