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Thomas Lurz: ‘In swimming you need to have ability to accept pain’ Lutz analyses the problems in Germany and with the sport in general. He looks back at Fran Crippen's death and his Olympic Medals.

Lurz retired two years ago as one of the most decorated distance swimmers of all time, two Olympic medals (10km) and 12 World titles in the open water confirming the German's status as a great of the sport.

The ability to tolerate pain, believes Thomas Lurz, is essential in competitive swimming. He should know. Lurz retired two years ago as one of the most decorated distance swimmers of all time, two Olympic medals (10km) and 12 World titles in the open water confirming the German's status as a great of the sport.

“In swimming in general, you need to have the ability to accept the pain,” he said here on Friday. “It doesn't matter if it's 100m, 200m or 25km: they (the sprinters) have their pain; we have ours. It hurts like hell. The only way you can resist it is hard training.”

Leziate open water swimming club shuts after £3k equipment raid

In the latest incident, discovered at the weekend, around £3,000 worth of equipment was stolen from the Wetnosers open water swimming club, which 

Swimming at 60

'It's freedom, joy, pleasure’ - how wild sea swimming in her 60s re-invigorated one woman's life.

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While we, Swim on the Wild Side, have been on holiday in Spain doing a recce for further tours and enjoying the winter sun. On our return to the Lake District, enthused by the response to our Monsters Swim in August (, we are now faced with the wonderful problem of where our clients would like to go next. At present we have our European 4x4x4=1 in June, several smaller one day activities and a couple of guided length of Windermere swims planned for the forthcoming months. If you are planning a holiday in the Lake District then one of our prearranged swims may be of interest, or maybe something completely different. We would love to hear your suggestions, either by posting below or by email through our website ( Thank you.

Open Water Training with Grant Holicky

Grant Holicky, head coach of Rallysport Aquatics (RACE) in Boulder, Colorado, has been working with elite open water swimmers for several years now. Two of his most notable athletes are Joey Pedraza, who finished third in the 5k at the 2014 Nationals, and Christine Jennings, who has been to both World Championships and the Pan Pacific Championships for open water.

Former U.S. National Team Member Dr. Tobie Smith Named to USADA Board of Directors

Dr. Tobie Smith, a former U.S. National Team member and top open water swimmer, has been appointed to serve on the USADA Board of Directors, Swimming World has learned. She fills the spot of Don Gambril, a former coach of the University of Alabama and of the U.S. Olympic team.

Identify And Conquer Your Swim Weakness

The sooner you identify your specific downfall as a swimmer, the faster you’ll be out of the open water and onto your bike. Pick which swimmer best describes you and follow the advice to overcome your weakness.

The One-speed Wonder

Your 50 sprint feels the same speed as your 500 easy.

Why you have this problem: Do you swim......

10 Things To Know For Open Water Races

The goggles I wore were tinted too dark, and  I couldn’t see any of the buoys nor my hand in front of me. Things were swimming between my feet, and the sea lice were biting parts of my body I didn’t even know I had. I loved it!

It was my first Open Water race. I swam in 60-degree water on a cold, cloudy day to finally cross the finish line in a little under 30 minutes.

It's back! Spirited swimmers make a splash as Cambridge's Jesus Green Lido re-opens for summer

Gloomy weather did nothing to discourage the spirited swimmers determined to make a splash at the opening of Cambridge's Jesus Green Lido.

Cambridge's famous outdoor pool re-opened for the summer on Saturday and more than 15 eager swimmers waited in line for that first outdoor dip of the season.

Q&A with Open Water Swimmer Grace Van Der Byl

By Melissa Berkay, Swimming World College Intern

World-class open water swimmer and national level pool swimmer Grace Van Der Byl is gearing up for a 36-mile marathon swim in New York this coming summer to add to her extensive list of swimming accomplishments. The 37-year-old is the world record holder, in both the men’s and women’s category, for the Catalina Channel solo crossing from Catalina Island to the California mainland and is an active observer for the Catalina Channel Swimming Federation.