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the Special Olympics Open Water Swimming Coaching Guide

Paul Whichard, Manager of Sports Web Resources in the Sports and Competition Department of the Special Olympics, created a truly special interactive document - the Special Olympics Open Water Swimming Coaching Guide (see here).

How to use a wetsuit to become a non-wetsuit swimmer

from the H2Open Newsletter no.15

At our H2Open Day recently the water temperature was a little over 12 degrees Centigrade. Some people swam in full wetsuits with neoprene hats, gloves and socks, and still found it cold. Others swam in skimpy Lycra costumes, and having broken the ice to swim over the winter, found the Reading Lake 'positively balmy'. They would have been offended if we asked them to wear a wetsuit.

For many people, jumping into 12 degree water, with or without a wetsuit, is a challenge. It's cold enough to stimulate cold water shock, which causes a sharp, involuntary intake of breath, and can result in water inhalation or even loss of consciousness through hyperventilation. Once you're over the initial shock it you may feel pain on any exposed parts of skin, particularly your face, and some people suffer from 'ice-cream headaches'.

Other people, through a combination of genetics, build, acclimatisation and mental preparation, find 12 degrees quite tolerable.

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Come on in, the water's fine

The original article by Lynn Green is posted on Bookpage (with pictures)

Training for a Marathon Swim

One question I often get asked is how do you train for a swim that will be over 20 miles and that will take over 14h. I wish there was an easy formula for it all. So this time around I learned that current was my biggest obstacle. The last three hours of my swim I had to try to hold intensity as if I was doing a sprint set in the pool.  I also found half way had shoulder pain and could to have worked on strengthen them more. The list goes on as to what I am working on now. So right now as I have been in a pool the last 6 months.

Staveley woman sets up open-water swimming business

A STAVELEY woman has taken her passion for open-water swimming to the next level and set up her own business on the shores of Windermere.

Emma Brunnning, 34, is a British triathlon coach and open water swimming train-er who wants to share her skills, knowledge and love for the great outdoors with others.

“I grew up in Brighton, right by the coast, and was always swimming in the sea — I just loved it,” she said.

Ned Denison on Essential Volunteering to support solo swims and swimmers (with added maths)

Open water swimming is exploding with a massive increase in events together with swimmer interest and participation.

Fantastic – however behind the scenes, the inadequate numbers of volunteers places our growth future in jeopardy.

My biggest hope for the future of open water swimming involves a shift as WE SWIMMERS NEED TO START VOLUNTEERING IN LARGE NUMBERS.

“WHAT ??????”

“But Ned you don’t understand – I am involved in the sport to swim and have fun with my mates. I didn’t get involved to kayak, take times, crew a safety boat or spend hours before the event finding boats/kayakers and taking registrations. Anyways – surely the €10 to €50 I pay for each swim must cover all the costs? I assume that all the worker bees were getting paid big bucks to support my passion.”

Malta news

On Malta the coach Ms Isabelle Zarb is very active.

Today she send me the 2012 Maltese OpenWater Calendar.

Besides heading and coaching the swimming department  of the Birkirkara St. Joseph Sports Club she's active with the websites of both the ASA of Malta and of the Birkirkara St. Joseph Sports Club

Reserve your H2Open Day place

H2Open is working with Triathlon Racing Inc and MySportingTimes to create a day of open water swimming activities at the Reading Lake Hotel on Saturday 28 April 2012.

The H2Open Day is your early season opportunity to test out the water, see the latest kit and talk to open water swimming coaches and experts. Whether you're a casual open water swimmer, racer, long-distance specialist or swim tourist they'll be something there for you. We will have coached swimming sessions, free swimming and a programme of entertaining and informative speakers. For the competitively minded there will be a 750m training race for you to gauge the success (or otherwise) of your winter training. 

Russian Swim Champion Battles for Olympic Spot


Open water swimming champion Ekaterina Seliverstova has angered the Russian swim team by training individually in the hope of qualifying for the London 2012 Olympics, head coach Dmitry Belov said Thursday.

Seliverstova won gold at the 2006 and 2010 European Aquatics Championships, both held in Budapest, but has struggled to post competitive times in the last year, finishing outside the top 20 at the 2011 World Championships in Shanghai.

This year she has shunned the World Cup circuit to work on her speed.

“Seliverstova’s working according to an individual plan. My reaction to it is negative, I don’t like it, but we’ll see what happens,” Belov told RIA Novosti.

With only one place available for Russia's female marathon swimmers at the London Olympics, Belov warned Seliverstova could herself pushed aside by younger, less heralded rivals.