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The Culture Of Open Water Swimming In The Mediterranean

Why don´t take part in a swim at Mediterranean destinations? Here is a list of convincing arguments for swimmers to come over to Spain this year. These could help you to set about looking for new experiences whether you are a beginner to open water swimming or trying to go pro.

The majority of beaches are great for swimming, but nothing beats open water swimming holidays for fun. Culture Sport is dedicated to giving you access to the best each city has to offer, not only in terms of sports facilities but also by offering you a whole range of information about open water events, training opportunities or competitions that will stir your interest.

Chafing and Skin Care for Open Water Swimmers

source: swimmingworldmagazine

CHAFING is a common ailment and complaint among open water swimmers and triathletes. There are three fundamental types of chafing:

1. Skin-on-skin chafing: improper stroke mechanics can cause chafing as can a cross-over kick or breathing.
2. Fabric-on-skin chafing: a swimsuit, goggles, swim cap, protective suit or wetsuit can cause some mean chafing.
3. Hair-on-skin chafing: facial and body hair can cause chafing.

Some methods to reduce chafing may be obvious and others less obvious.

How to train for an Open Water Swim Event inside the pool

Source: iamtri

A short video made by the Brazilian Coach Rodrigo Langeani about how to train for the open water portion of a triathlon inside the pool. The video is part of a series of 6 articles to Teaching a triathlete how to swim in 6 weeks, wich made a huge success among the brazilian triathlon scene.

full article and video >>> here <<<

Introducing a precise open water swimming temperature scale

Source: loneswimmer

Original with pictures etc >>> here <<<

Next year’s Cork Distance Week will have a record number of attendees, many from outside Ireland. Some will be coming nervous or terrified about the potential temperatures especially if they heard any of 2011′s details.

They need a scale of reference for that fear and we need a common terminology!

Why are we wild about swimming?

... and strong – to swim out and back before the tides turn and the water whirls up ... shark and jellyfish hazards on a marathon swim from Cuba to Florida. ...

article on Swimming Hydration and Electrolyte Strategies

Developing a Hydration and Electrolyte Strategy is Important to a Swimmer's Peak Performance and Muscle Cramp Prevention

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Ralph TellerSwimming Hydration and Electrolyte Strategies - Improved Performance and Muscle Cramp Prevention
by Ralph Teller

My favorite activity is open water swimming across Lake Washington from Mercer Island to Seattle along the I-90 Bridge, or a swim across the cool and clear waters of Rattlesnake Lake, or the swim leg of a half or full Ironman Triathlon race. As distance swimming can be demanding, I am sensitive to make sure I am fully hydrated and have good electrolyte balance before these swims.

Whether you are a competitive short or long course pool swimmer or a casual or competitive long course open water swimmer, attention to good hydration and electrolyte balance is essential not only to your enjoyment of swimming and peak performance, but also to muscle cramp prevention, health and safety.

Why are we wild about swimming

source: By Jane Taylor
THE Corryvreckan Whirlpool is a legendary maelstrom of water between the Scottish islands of Jura and Scarba, created by powerful clashing currents that race through the narrow channel. Strong swimmers can only safely cross the 220m-deep whirlpool at specific times

They wade out into gaspingly cold water from Jura’s shore and have just enough time – if they are fast and strong – to swim out and back before the tides turn and the water whirls up into a frenzy again.

Carbo Loading for Swimmers

Yahoo! Sports
Of course, your swim team probably hosts carbo loads each week before the big meet. These serve more as social functions more than as actual fuel-ups. If you aren't planning on swimming a long distance race (and most of you aren't), feel free to eat a serving of lasagna. But don't stuff yourself. You'll only end up feeling miserable. ...

Jose Diaz, director of Nadandolibre

Nadandolibre is a fascinating work devoted to swimming in open water, with headquarters in Madrid. 

Jose Diaz, director of Nadandolibre founded in May 2009 its own independent swimming school. 
When open water swimming was still a great unknown for a large part of that after these years are now enthusiasts and swimmers of the specialty, Jose, it was decided to interview some of the best swimmers in the world specializing in open water . 
At times "unknown" Jose Diaz, with his project Nadandolibre contacted with swimmers and coaches from around the world to promote a discipline that needed a little push to jump today to be one of the fastest growing sporting activities this having worldwide.