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Swim the Costa Brava director active in Egypt

Hard training in Egypt lead by Daniel Pages of Swim the Costa Brava

Last January Swim the Costa Brava reached a collaboration agreement with the Olympia Sports Swim Club from the northern part of Egypt. Headed by Daniel Pagés, the technical team director of Swim the Costa Brava is in charge of developing a long-term training plan aiming at enhancing the competitive level of this club.

The first phase of the plan comprised one week training in Catalonia with Egyptian junior swimmers of higher level, as well as an expidition of our technical director to Egypt for a conjoint work with local coaches while pursuing the goal of establishing a new training methodology featuring more European influences.

Cork Distance Week 2014, Ireland

Saturday, 12 July, 2014 (All day) to Sunday, 20 July, 2014 (All day)

Cork Distance Week

This year’s Cork Distance Week takes place for 9 days from 12th July, 2014. For more information on the camp, click here.

Schedule for the Camp
16 swim sessions as follows:

Derry trio take plunge with Ireland’s first outdoor swimming venue

Creggan Country Park has become Ireland’s first ever accredited outdoor swimming venue.

In recent years, open water swimming has become extremely popular in England and in Scotland but local trio Gavin O’Kane, Mervyn Kelly and Stephen Graham are bringing the revolution to Derry next month.

‘Northern Velocity’ was founded by Gavin, Mervyn and Stephen and they will launch thier swim sessions at the Creggan Country Park at 6pm.

The organisation has been accredited by the National Open Water Coaching Association (NOWCA) and one of their main focuses will be to help local triathletes prepare properly for races.

“The freedom and choices from open water swimming are heavenly, you don’t need Olympian stamina to be an outdoor swimmer, we cater for absolute beginners to the most experienced looking slight technique adjustments,” said Gavin O’Kane.

Clinic: Safety in open water swimming

New Safety in Open Water Swimming Clinic for kayakers and paddle surfersNEW SAFETY IN OPEN WATER SWIMMING CLINIC FOR KAYAKERS AND PADDLE SURFERS

Safety during an open water swim is a fundamental point of our organization, therefore we dedicate to it many resources and efforts. This is why we want to go a step further and add to our clinic a specific training aimed at kayakers and paddle surfers, essential elements in our security operation.

The clinic will take place on May 17 at the facilities of the Bernat Picornell Swimming Pools, Barcelona and will be specialized in the accompaniment of swimmers during an open water crossing.

Zoot Swim clinic session was a success

Swim the Costa Brava team has successfully organized the Zoot Swim Clinic event where the attendees had an opportunity to test specific open water swimming materials (Zoot wetsuits, Zoggs goggles and ChilSwim buoys) as well as to attend a conference on coping and fighting low temperatures in winter swims. Swim the Costa Brava’s technical director, Daniel Pages, has explained with several practical examples how to have good acclimatization to open water in winter. He himself went through the same process when attending ChillSwim event and swimming at 5 degrees below zero.

Olympia S.C from Egypt training in Spain

Olympia's swimmers have enjoyed their week of training in Catalonia to the fullest. Our technical director Daniel Páges has directed all the training sessions of the team, giving paramount importance to the club's bonding with other swim clubs of Catalonia to enhance performance and obtain excellent results. Within this framework Olympia shared strokes with such renowned clubs as Mataró's Swimming Centre and swimming clubs of Calella, Lloret and Cervera. It was undoubtedly a highly enriching experience not only for the visiting club but also for the local ones which had the opportunity to broaden their knowledge horizons by learning different techniques and absorbing new learning methods, without mentioning the importance of interacting with teenagers coming from different cultural backgrounds.

Open Water Swimming Performance Trends

  1. Open water performance peaks in the mid to early 20s for both men and women.
  2. Overall performances have generally slowed.
  3. Slowing overall times may reflect the importance of tactical surging throughout the race.

Open water swimming has been around for many years, but has grown in stature with its inclusion in the Olympic schedule. With Olympic hardware at stake, the sport attracts even higher level competition with stalwarts like Ous Meloulli and Grant Hackett having competed in the open water. Naturally, the sport has different demands than the pool, but shares common variables.

Adam Walker has launched his open water swimming coaching business ‘Ocean Walker’

Adam Walker has launched his open water swimming coaching business ‘Ocean Walker’ which includes 1-1 coaching, swim camps throughout the United Kingdom and across Europe. Specializing in technical video analysis and corrective action, also psychology, nutrition, swim sets and more.

'Doing a Davina'- OW newest term & a timely reminder of another of our responsibilities

Simon & H2Open website had two articles yesterday on UK Reality TV presenter Davina McCall's 1.6 mile 6.5C across Windermere swim in a wetsuit, as part of some longer endurance event. First one the event and the later analysis which coins the term.
Some YouTube video of the dramatic end of the swim is here. Had most of us been on safety duty there, we would have insisted on hospitalization or a least an ambulance. I'd point to her coach as being significantly in the wrong here.
(The video status of the swim is now made private.
Too much critique?

This is another media event which isn't good for our sport, Doing a Davina, joining Doing a Nyad in the realm of OW infamy.