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'Doing a Davina'- OW newest term & a timely reminder of another of our responsibilities

Simon & H2Open website had two articles yesterday on UK Reality TV presenter Davina McCall's 1.6 mile 6.5C across Windermere swim in a wetsuit, as part of some longer endurance event. First one the event and the later analysis which coins the term.
Some YouTube video of the dramatic end of the swim is here. Had most of us been on safety duty there, we would have insisted on hospitalization or a least an ambulance. I'd point to her coach as being significantly in the wrong here.
(The video status of the swim is now made private.
Too much critique?

This is another media event which isn't good for our sport, Doing a Davina, joining Doing a Nyad in the realm of OW infamy.

Special challenge for Gavin Pike

2014-01-22 - Wassenaar - Gavin Pike (Dutch resident) soon leaves for a short period to his homeland , South Africa. There he will be leaving with Ram Barkai and many other swimmers for Antarctica to swim . 1 mile ( 1608m ) in water at 5 degrees or colder This is called an ice Mile.

Petar Stoychev returns to Santa Fe

The Bulgarian multi-champion will return to Santa Fe - Coronda , this time as coach of fellow Tsuetan Yordanov .

The presence of a giant in open water as Petar Stoychev will be one of the most important attractions of the forty-first edition of the Santa Fe - Coronda .

3 days OW training camp

Neda el Món organises a new activity in order to improve your efficiency at open water swimming: a 3 days’ stay at the Crol Centre of Calella de Mar (Barcelona). There will be open water swimming sessions as well as sessions at the swimming pool. There will also be some sessions about nutrition, recovering, stretching, and training outside the water… . All these activities are aimed at improving your skills. You will stay at a double room and all the meals are included. Our technical expert Jonathan Gómez will be your coach. The cost is only 190€! You can’t miss it!

Swimming - Dietzig confident new role will bring British open water success

Bernie Dietzig is aiming to turn Great Britain into one of the world's leading nations after being appointed to the position of Open Water Swimming Lead.

Dietzig, with over 20 years of experience of the open water discipline, has worked as performance scientist with British Swimming since 2008 and was a key member of the team at a number of international events including the London 2012 Olympics where Kerri-Anne Payne and Daniel Fogg finished fourth and fifth respectively.

Rumors: Marcel Wouda as open water coach in Australia

Update December 15, Marcel has rejected the Australian offer. He said that during an interview on tv. He's staying loyal to his present swimmers.

December 12, LONDON - The job of the National Open Water Coach for Swimming Australia is the loosening tongues in the Netherlands. One name is mentioned and buzzes along the pool lines.

Perry leaves British Swimming

British Swimming will begin the search for a new leader of the Open Water programme following the departure of Mark Perry.

Perry worked with British Swimming since 2007 as technical lead for open water and, more recently, also headed up Britain’s development programme until earlier this year. Perry leaves the role by mutual consent.

British Swimming Head Coach Bill Furniss has paid tribute to the work undertaken by Perry during his time working with the Olympic sports.

Swim Progression: Testing, Measurement & Accuracy

A necessary part of checking your progress is to test yourself on a regular basis with benchmark sets in the pool. Tests could include timed swims, measuring stroke counts, taking swim golf scores, working out your critical swim speed or performing a step test. Parameters should be kept identical down to the smallest detail for accurate comparison over time.

Breathing and Buoyancy in Open Water Swimming

Most triathletes who come from running and cycling backgrounds are well acquainted with "sinking legs syndrome," an imbalance in body position during swimming. With more muscle mass in the legs, it's not surprising that it's a struggle to keep the feet at the surface, especially in an open water swim where lifting the head to sight is required. The instinctive response to get the feet back to the surface is overly vigorous kicking. This, in turn, not only causes rapid fatigue, but also offers little in the way of balance correction and forward propulsion in anything but a sprint. Fortunately, there are other ways of correcting sinking legs and swimming with more efficiency. Body position can be better maintained through consciously controlling buoyancy through a steady breathing rhythm.

Tips for Open Water Swimming: Coach Catherine Vogt Shares Insight

We’re reaching out to different coaches to find out their tips for open water success. To lead off it’s a pleasure to share Coach Catherine Vogt‘s insight. Coach Vogt was the head coach for the USA Swimming open water team at this summer’s world championship in Barcelona and she’s an assistant at USC.  She’s a guiding force behind the success of Olympic open water swimming medalist Haley Anderson and Ous Mellouli. Here’s some of her tips and tricks that help her guide her open water swimmers to podium finishes.